HDRi – Pack 003



-The original horizon has been removed from the HDR files, and the photos used to make the HDRi re-processed for a smoother, noise free image.

-Radiance (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr) file sizes have been optimized to improve loading times.

-16 bit RAW versions of the backplate photos now included to allow greater freedom in post processing.

HDRi – Pack 003

A collection of 9 of my HDRi skydomes.

Each skydome is supplied as a .hdr file and as a tiled .exr file.

For more info on each skydome included in this pack, please follow the links below:

0927 Wispy Clouds

1103 Sun Clouds

1313 Cloudy

1224 Clear Sky

1658 Sun Clouds

1739 Sun Clouds

1847 Dusk Sun

1929 Cloudy Sunset

2009 Dusk Pink Sky


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