Radiant WP: Colorful, Beautiful, Responsive


The Newest Super Skeleton Theme: 100% More Awesome!

Welcome to Radiant!: A feature-rich, easy-to-use responsive WordPress theme built on the popular Super Skeleton theme framework (with a community of over 10,000 users). It’s designed for users, not geeks – all by a dude in Southern California who just loves making rockin’ WP themes for other folks.

Sold As-Is! – Products older than 6 months old are deemed stable and feature-locked. The theme has been tested by hundreds, if not thousands of users and it’s rock solid. We’ll release updates as needed, but we won’t be actively answering questions as most everything that can be asked has been asked over at our searchable support forum: http://makedesign.ticksy.com Tickets filed for this product will be logged for other buyers to answer, but no one person on our support team will be assigned to answer them.

Why buy from us?

  • Over 30,000 career theme sales
  • Frequent updates & new features are created directly from user feedback
  • Over 12,000 Super Skeleton theme users and developers
  • From the original editor of WPtuts+
  • We believe that usable, standards complaint, customizable themes are the way of the future
  • A full copy of the original Super Skeleton HTML framework is included with every theme.
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