The Slide Deck- A Keynote Template


A professionally designed template in the new Keynote 6.0 for Mac, developed to get you up and running quickly and easily. The design’s taken care of, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Easily create and deliver your next successful presentation. Whether it’s to colleagues, clients or an audience, this template is fully customisable and designed to look great wherever you’re speaking.


  • There are no variations.
  • I’ve used standard fonts in the presentation because if you were to transfer your Slide Deck to an iPad, the custom fonts wouldn’t be recognised. I’ve included a list of what is available for the iPad in the Support file. As all text has Paragraph Styles applied, it is easy to change the font in one style and have it reflected throughout the document.
  • There are no builds or transitions. Again, because not all are available on the iPad and also because much of it is based on personal preferences. I’ve included a list of what is available for the iPad in the Support file and they’re simple to add.
  • There are two presentation files for the iPad. The Standard and the Retina .key files.
  • Some icons are included but if you need different ones, I recommend you visit where you can create your own royalty free flat icons.
  • Stock images from the Preview screenshots are not included in the files due to copyright restrictions. Placeholders have been used instead so you can easily add your own images.
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