Torn Photo Effect Action


This .JSX scripted action pack was created for and works best on photos and it will allow you to apply to photos a very realistic torn corners effect with the possibility of adding an aging effect. With each run the action actually generates a different tearing of the photo so that no results will be identical, adding to the realistic effect. The pack contains also a batch processing action so that you can apply the same effect on a set of photos.

Being a scripted action you have more control over the customization of the result as there is a wizard-like dialog box when starting the action which allows you to choose which corners to tear, how big the tear should be and also how smooth. Also you can opt if you want to add to the photo a background, a simple frame, a very realistic aging effect and even a slight rotation to the photo to create a more interesting setup.

For even more customization options, the results you get have adjustment layers and style layers intact so you can modify it as you like.

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